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Banned Music: Chinese Authorities Do Not Want It This Way

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Lady Gaga, Beyonce and even white-bread Backstreet Boys are among the artists deemed too offensive for the internet by China’s Ministry of Culture.
Music websites have until September 15 to remove a list of 100 songs, or face prosecution for violating “national cultural security.”
But don’t think it’s just Western artists invading China’s cultural security, because the majority of songs getting the boot are from Taiwan and Hong Kong, with a few devious ditties from Japan as well.
Of Western artists, Lady Gaga leads with a total of six banned songs (she’s probably very proud), with Beyonce and Katy Perry netting only one banned song each.
The measure is probably intended to crack down on both “vulgar” verses and illegal pirating. Yes, we know it’s a sensitive time for the Chinese government. But seriously? Does anyone even know what Lady Gaga is singing about?
But what we DO want to know is: will this nonsense spread to our precious KTV?

Hot List of Scandalous Songs
Lady Gaga
The Edge of Glory
Marry the Night
Judas and Bloody Mary
Run the World (Girls)
Katy Perry
Last Friday Night
Backstreet Boys
I Want It That Way

I don’t know what they think !

Written by Miya

August 31st, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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Li Bai and Du Fu are the largest in the history of the great Chinese poet, is born in the Tang Dynasty

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It’s been a though given that I’ve published a translation of a Tang poem here within the pages with the Epoch Times. In portion, that’s simply because I’ve been really busy the last couple of months with other function. The fact is, Lan Hua has been tending to an altogether distinctive component with the garden.

A portrait with the master poet Li Bai. (Public domain image)
Now I desire to get proper towards the primary notion of my column and today’s news about Tang poetry. I’m here to inform you that there is certainly 1 Tang poet whose function stands head and shoulders above all other people. Which is the poet Li Bai-Du Fu. His function is so fantastic, it spans all seasons and terrains and moods, from the somber towards the lyrical, poems full of sunny equanimity, to those full of regret. This poet’s range is so vast, it’s valuable should you in fact feel of it as encompassing two pretty distinct identities, though nonetheless bearing in mind, that should you genuinely wish to know either of these separate identities nicely, you should also recognize how they relate to one another.

Possibly I really should clarify further. Li Bai-Du Fu is definitely two various poets ?§C Li Bai and Du Fu. They had been roughly contemporaries within the middle Tang period, while Li Bai rose to prominence 1st (throughout the late-early Tang) and Du Fu came along shortly thereafter (in the beginning of middle Tang), like a younger brother, with one thing of an awe-struck really like for his predecessor and mentor. But beholding them together, they’re the accurate twin giants of this extremely creative period, and they shine all of the brighter simply because standing as 1, like Castor and Pollux, they grab and hold one’s attention within the night sky.

And considering that it’s nearly usually less difficult to tell a story chronologically, I’m going to begin right now using a translation of a poem by Li Bai, who came 1st in time, using a burst of bright glory. From an early age, his genius was nicely recognized. But he followed an unorthodox path, as a romantic wanderer, he spurned service inside the Imperial bureaucracy. The truth is, it’s some thing of a sore point amongst traditionalists for whom poetic talent has normally been strongly connected with service towards the state ?a that maybe the greatest of all classical poets in no way bothered to take the civil service exam. Lacking official appointment or title, what Li Bai has is actually a pure lyric voice. He was an awesome nature poet. And he speaks about weighty spiritual matters using a light, simple touch. As I hope you are able to tell in my translation of his poem below, he could simply wrap the natural and spiritual together in a number of brief stanzas also or much better than any other man of his or any other time.

Tang poetry

* * * * *
Now, immediately after that grace note of balance and contentment, let me provide you with swift introduction towards the counterpoint temperament, within the individual of Du Fu, who springs to life having a voice that couldn’t be any a lot more unique. Sorry if the contrast can be a small jarring, but that’s how items went inside the Tang period, from the free-spirited, Taoist older brother, Li Bai, towards the anxious and Confucian-minded younger brother, Du Fu. Exactly where Li Bai disdained service inside the Imperial bureaucracy, Du Fu, plodded by means of a bureaucratic career, struggling by means of various low-level appointments, frustrated by his lack of advancement and consumed by be concerned that his accurate talents remained overlooked. Here is usually a poem he wrote working late 1 spring night, sitting up at his desk, fretful and ill at ease.
Tang poetry

Written by Miya

August 22nd, 2011 at 3:44 am

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Summer time lotus at West Lake

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West Lake scenic section of eastern China’s Hangzhou city is probably the nation’s best tourism place to see lotus flowers, as well as Daming Lake in Jinan city, Shandong province, and also the exquisite gardens in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province. The austere great thing about the lotus flower continues to be portrayed in several Chinese poems and landscape works of art. West Lake always buzzes with vacationers and people every year between June and September once the lotus flowers grown within the lake have been in full blossom.

Written by Miya

August 17th, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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I really, really love my sleep

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Since I moved to Beijing a years ago :), I have seen things change; well change in my world that is.

I have less enquiries but longer appointments – hurray! I like to spend quality time with my fellas, always have.

I read on one forum that some ladies dont like going out to dinner with clients, dont like to spend hours and hours talking.

What!? Its fab, they really dont know what they are missing. Contact me ladies, I’ll tell you what a lovely time you will have.

I have also seen an increase in overnight bookings, lets call them sleepovers. No pillow fights or getting so excited it all ends in tears though please. Well, yes please do get excited but not in the way that is usually associated with sleepovers, hormonal upsets and all that. Hah, yes I explained that one well, didnt I?? No.

We can use torches under the bedclothes though. If you want.

I have to tell you something. I love my bed. Let me rephrase that. I love my sleep. I really, really love my sleep. I feel physically ill if I dont get my beauty sleep. I am used to sleeping on my lonesome, you see.

Written by Miya

August 10th, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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GFE Dinner Date

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I’m a perfect girl to accompany you to our dinner-date or anywhere of your choosing, looking sensational on your arm with poise, elegance and charm; but once we close your bedroom door I’ll relish the opportunity to be as wild as you like… I’m frequently told that my balck eyes and fresh, innocent air belie my very naughty streak! I love every aspect of intimate pleasure, and I get a thrill from lavishing all my attention on a like-minded partner. I would say I offer the ultimate GFE (‘girlfriend experience‘) with a delectably naughty edge – if you’re the naughty type! Tell me what I can do to make your deepest desires into steamy reality… whether you fantasise about a soft, sensual, slow seduction or an explosively hot, lust-filled romp, I would be thrilled to share some unforgettable private time with you.

Yours GFE…

Written by Miya

August 3rd, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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