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Zajia Bar , cool !

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Located inside an ancient Daoist temple, this hip little bar has the perfect combination of a great locale and that atmosphere of laid-back cool Beijing does so well.

Not only are the local guys who run it friendly, welcoming and bilingual, but they’ve created an intimate bar you’ll want to spend the whole evening in. Just two hefty wooden tables populate the space, and an old staircase leads up into the rafters if you can’t find a perch downstairs.

The bar has already become something of a hangout for the cool crowd  so you won’t be surprised to see ‘accidentally’ kitsch odds and ends dotted about. From Taschen erotica tomes to a farmer’s weighing scales and artfully melted candles, it’s all been arranged in a hip wusouwei manner. Perhaps, dare we say it, thanks to the Italian wife of one of the owners. From:www.vip-miya.com

Meanwhile Zajia’s cute, hand-written menu features everything from Boddingtons beer to Mai Tai cocktails. I’d obviously prefer to keep this place a secret, but it’s probably already too late for that. So go, enjoy, and if you see us feel free to buy me a Mojito….

Written by Miya

March 7th, 2012 at 2:33 am

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Grand Dance Drama Goddess and the Dreamer

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The grand dance drama Goddess And The Dreamer derives its inspiration from Ode To The Goddess of Luo River, a masterpiece rhyme-prose composed about 2000 years ago by Cao Zhi, a renowned poet and younger prince during the period of Three Kingdoms. The drama re-explores the poem and uncovers wherein the doomed fates of Cao Zhi , Cao Pi the elder prince-brother, heir apparent and the emperor later, and Zhen Fu the princess. Actually more than twists and turns of their lives are depicted in the drama, which closely follows the conflicting emotions where fraternity bows to the greed for power, ideal ends up with hopelessness, and admiration degrades to suspicion. The drama in its theatrical form also tries to present the extreme classical beauty by harmonizing into one body various traditional artistic elements such as poem, calligraphy, ritual, music and dance.

Written by Miya

March 3rd, 2012 at 1:42 pm

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