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Naughty Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

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Some men and women find it difficult to express their deepest desires to their partners. They can feel embarrassed or even ashamed of their fantasies, and this can lead to an unfulfilled and unsatisfactory sex life. It’s sometimes the case that men hire escorts to divulge their less mainstream fantasies to but keep them a secret in their own home; this is unfortunately only a temporary solution and could lead to problems in your relationship.
There are many things you can do to become more sexually adventurous with your other half, and this could help you open up to them about what you truly desire. Here are some tips to release your naughty side…
Try feeling each other up in public. For him, wait until you’re in a restaurant with long enough table cloths to conceal your hands. Whether it’s through his trousers or inside, a quick hand job will remind him how exciting sex with you can be. Just don’t finish him off, as that could be difficult to explain to the waiters! For her, the back of a taxi is ideal (if she’s wearing a skirt). The driver is unlikely to say anything, and knowing how naughty you’re being will be a turn on for both of you. If being naughty in public gives you a thrill, go the next step and get steamy in a changing room. You’ll have a few minutes before any shop staff notice or get suspicious!
 Show your partner how much you want them in front of their friends. Obviously you shouldn’t go over the top with PDAs (public displays of affection), but giving them one passionate kiss will make him feel like the man and make her feel adored, leaving you both a bit more smitten than you’d been before.
Girls, remember that men are very visual. Positioning yourself so that he can see your more intimate parts will be a big turn on for him – even the bits that you’re not very confident about. Don’t be shy – flaunt what you’ve got! A way to entice him into the bedroom is to take some saucy polaroids of yourself and leave them somewhere he will find them, then wait for him in bed. He won’t be able to resist you! Guys, let her know how much you want her. If she goes to the effort of taking photos or wearing sexy lingerie, tell her how much you like it and appreciate it.
Once you feel more intimate and open with your partner, there’s no limit to what you can experience together!

Written by Miya

July 11th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

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