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Why Tantric Massage Is The Best Massage In Beijing?

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tantric massageIn Beijing, you would definitely be treated like a real king since the girls in the city are well known for their massaging skills and beauty. If you have never tried a Tantric massage before, then you should certainly give it a go. You would love Tantric massage in Beijing where all you have to do is surrender to the highest state of relaxation. Tantric massage promotes complete relaxation of body and mind.

So, what is Tantric Massage and why is it so different to other massage therapy?
First of all, let me give you a brief description of Tantra.
Most people are unclear about what Tantra really is and what it does for us. Tantra is a mystical subject, it is nearly impossible to define. There are lots of meaning for Tantra. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science and art. It is a very ancient spiritual practice, yoga…“Tantra” is often translated as “continuum” or “unbroken stream” and represents the interconnecting energies between all the things on this planet.
Tantra lives in the moments.. It saviors here and now, teaching us to live life erotically through all five senses such as sigh, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Nowadays, Tantric massage becomes more and more popular. For a person who has never experienced this kind of massage it is very difficult to understand the complete inner peace and contentment that is the outcome of Tantric massage experience. Even if you have experienced Tantric massage before, you can not describe in words how amazing it is… Because it is truly amazing experience. Tantric experience is all about you, your body, your soul, your mind..

Tantric massage aims to bring complete relaxation to the human body by using a combination of touch, sensual awakening and skilled, gentle physical contact.

During Tantric massage, the masseuse uses gentle and loving touch over every part of your body including the sexual organs to raise your body, mind and spirit to a new level of enjoyment. Achieving the perfect balance between these and thus deriving benefits is the ultimate goal of Tantric massage.

Your sense of time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, worries and problems fade away. it is an experience of exquisite touch and sensation. It is experience of being totally connected, awake and alive in a state of vibrant, loving and erotic energy.

Enjoy your Tantric Massage in Beijing!

Written by Miya

November 12th, 2013 at 8:58 am

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