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Use This Simple Flirting Tactic and Watch Her Throw Herself on You!

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Beijing escortSexual teasing is a flirting tactic you can use when you’re out there competing with other guys for a hot girl’s attention. But before you can sexually tease a woman, there are certain requirements you have to meet. Read on to find out how you can start using this simple flirting tactic called ‘increasing sexual tension’…
Before you can seduce a girl, you have to build rapport. Why is rapport this so important in flirting? Rapport plays a huge role when building trust, which in turn is an absolute necessity for a girl to spread her legs for you on the same night. When she trusts you, you can bet she’s going to agree that the current location you’re in is too crowded, too stuffy and too public for you to really talk about your budding friendship.
Although rapport building is a simple flirting tactic you can use to get a girl to give you her number, you must be wondering if trust and rapport mean you have to be nice and polite to her the whole night. Of course not! In fact, it’s better if you’re more edgy than the other guys who acted like needy, desperate idiots with her all night long. She doesn’t need more of that from you, and that’s hwy you need to flirt with her by sexual teasing.
How to sexually tease a woman in three steps!
Step 1. Show Her You’re Not Her Gal Pal
Women go out to meet new friends, but that doesn’t mean you’re volunteering to be her friend. As soon as she talks about her relationship sob stories, tease her gently by telling her that she can lean on your shoulders while she’s getting emotional… literally. If she’s too far gone in her emotional outburst, lean closer and cuddle her, or kiss her. If she resists, tell her that she needed a hug and you gave her one. Then inform her playfully that if you’re going to have to listen to her talk about another guy, she might as well give you something to hug to stave off boredom.
Most girls really do think of sympathetic, nice guys as “just friends”, and so it’s up to you to give the impression that you’re after more than that. This simple flirting tactic will remove any possibility of you entering the friend zone and never getting out.
Step 2. Touch her
When you’re playful to a woman, you awaken the ‘little girl’ inside her. This is the most comfortable a girl can get when talking to a guy. If she turns all girly and kittenish, it means you’re doing something right.
Step 3. Pull back a little
All throughout your interaction, you’re acting aggressive and it’s making her giggle. When you get her to this point, the next step in using teasing as a simple flirting tactic is to pull back. This way, you can let her show her liking for you in her own way. This is also her opening to flirt with you. The objective is to make her feel challenged enough to seduce you, and putting the ball in her court is a great way to do this.What to learn more about the art of flirting with women but don’t know what to say?


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November 22nd, 2014 at 6:45 am

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Erotic Massage ? A Dance of Pleasure

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Erotic massage forges a powerful connection between the therapist and her partner. The emphasis is on creating a dance of pleasure for the partner. The therapist uses sexual touching to bathe her partner in total feeling and excitement.
The massage starts with the therapist making the environment warm, welcoming and safe. She will use candles, scents, fabrics and music to surround her partner with pleasure. Warmed, scented oil is applied to the body in long, slow, deep strokes. Every muscle and bone of the body is touched and pleasured. The therapist will use every tool of her training to communicate with her partner and to understand her partner’s communication. Loving openness and acceptance replace fear and shame as desires and pleasures are acknowledged and encouraged.

masseusesAlong with her strong, soft hands, the therapist will use her legs, hips, breasts, nipples and buttocks to stroke and stimulate her partner’s skin. The movements will be slow and gentle or hard and strong. She will listen to her partner’s breathing and encourage deep, regular breaths. Steady breathing enhances relaxation and sexual arousal.It causes the partner to sink more deeply into the cloud of sexual energy and excitement. The sexual energy dance will grow and grow.
The partner’s pleasure is the only focus of the erotic massage. There is no performance goal or requirement expected from her partner. An erection, orgasm or ejaculation is not a goal that is rushed toward. If they happen or if they don’t happen, the emphasis is on the complete involvement and integration of the senses of the whole body.
The centers of sexual energy will receive a lot of attention during an erotic massage. The buttocks will be stroked, kneaded and explored. A woman’s vagina and clitoris will be massaged, stroked and fondled. If she so desires, a woman partner will be encouraged to experience multiple orgasms with continuous stimulation of her clitoris and orgasmic G-spot. For a woman the experience of multiple orgasm creates a concentration of pleasure and power in every part of her body. Women will not have to worry about pleasing anyone but themselves, they will not have to be one way or the other. They can luxuriate in the opportunity to focus solely on their own desires.
A man’s penis from the glans to the root will be gently stroked and held while his testicles and perineum are massaged, tickled and stroked. His anus will be gently massaged and probed and the prostate gland massaged. The therapist is skilled at judging levels of arousal and a man will be encouraged to ride the waves of his sexual feelings without ejaculating. If a man finally wishes to ejaculate, the therapist will be happy help him to that enjoyment.
After the massage the therapist will gently wrap her partner in a soft cloth and let him or her float on waves of relaxation and buoyant sexual energy.
Experiencing and learning the depth and power of one’s own sexual response during an erotic massage helps partners heal from traumatic sexual experiences and reduce or eliminate problems of low libido, premature ejaculation or other sexual dysfunctions. An erotic massage gives joy and healing in its dance of pleasure.

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November 10th, 2014 at 1:11 pm

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