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The Role of Massage in the Work Place

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Did you notice that when you were just a newly-hired employee, your ideas seem to be flowing? You seem to have a better solution for work-related problems, and can easily see the cause of these problems? You used to enjoy the brainstorming sessions your Boss calls for you to participate. But after sometime, when tons of work had been on your desk, deadlines come one after another, you seem to ran out of ideas, and a problem seem to have no easy solution.

Stress at work has both negative and positive effects. The body respond to stress by releasing hormones that act on the nervous system. The nervous system, which is composed mainly of the brain and the spinal cord, along with the nerves is the central operating system ? much like a computer system. When stress is present, the hormones are released that creates a multi-system effect. Since the hormones are released from the central operating unit, the effect is also diffused.

Cortisol, the stress hormone which is released by the adrenal glands, when secreted in small amounts is beneficial. Noticed that when you are trying to beat a deadline, you are very purposeful on finishing the task at hand that you don’t even feel hunger. When everything is wrapped up and submitted, that is the only time that the effects will be felt. If you would look around, some of your colleagues will be holding their neck and trying to give themselves a massage. Some will even try to fit their body frame into the office chair and stretch their legs for some form of relaxation. This is what should happen after a stressful day of work ? relax a bit. This will help the body return back to its normal state.

However, there are circumstances that prevents you from doing so. Some deadlines come one after another that it is quite impossible for one to get the much needed time to breathe. And when this happens, the whole body is compromised. The circulation is increased, thus, supporting the possibility of increased blood pressure or hypertension. When stress is continuously experienced, without giving the body enough time to relax, the repeated release of the stress hormone further complicating the increased blood pressure by blocking insulin, consequently causing ineffective carbohydrate metabolism, which in turn causes fatty deposits. These, if given further opportunity to accumulate promotes development of fat in the circulation which can also lead to heart problems later on.

It is important that an individual learns to relax right after an enormous amount of work done. If kids are small and the much needed rest would be far from impossible, it is advisable to drop by a massage therapist to get the body back to its normal state. This may also be impossible for car pooling moms and dads that some may invest on a panasonic massage chair or call a massage service at home.

Massage has a number of benefits as enumerated by the American Massage Therapy Association. Among these are the following: (a) improvement of blood circulation and movement of lymph fluids, (b) reduces blood pressure and ( c ) helps to relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye-strain from computer usage. Noticeably, these benefits addresses the ill effects of the stress hormone on the body.


Written by Miya

March 20th, 2015 at 12:50 pm

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