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How You Can Protect Yourself

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Do your research and stick to long established agencies, with a reputation for privacy. Too much flash, or certainly those boasting of specific VIP individuals utilizing their agency, are signs that you should probably avoid them.. Generally the higher-end companies are promoted by word of mouth. You should also always insist on a non-disclosure agreement between you and the agency, promising full efforts to protect your identity, and a guarantee of never using your personal details for their own promotion or financial gain outside of your personal business with the agency.

When meeting a model, always book into a five star hotel or resort, and if you are of VIP sta
tus you can request to be addressed by the hotel and booked into the room under an alias. For eg some celebrities will request to be booked in under a false name, or a phrase (eg ‘Mister Anonymous’, or ‘James Higgins’ etc). This way, things remain confidential as much as possible. Then, have the model meet you there, as opposed to trying to find each other in public, surrounded by paprazzi, making it quite obvious you are meeting a new date. The model can come directly to your room if you are on a non-security floor, or you can leave a key for her at the front desk, as your assistant or secretary.

For added protection, you might want to consider taking your date out of town. A vacation is always enjoyable, and even an overnight trip to a nearby five star location can offer some level of protection. Many clients take a trip for a weekend or even a week to somewhere exotic and private. The model can arrive separately, and they all know how to maintain discretion and privacy when in public. A travel appointment will also be welcomed by your companion, as this minimizes any risk to both of you.


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